New Zealand Journal of Asian Studies

Volume 10, No. 2, December 2008


New Zealand-China Relations: Common Points and Differences, ANNE-MARIE BRADY 1

After Ten Years of Trabsfer Sovereignty:Political Stability and Reforms in Hong Kong, JERMAIN T.M.LAM 21

Music, Nationalism, and the Search for Modernity in China 1911-1949, HONG-YU GONG 38

Takeda Kiyoko: A twenty-Century Japanese Christian Intellectual, VANESSA B. WARD 70

Graduate Researh Essay

Japanese Travel Culture: An Investigation of the lInks Between Early Japanese Pilgrimage and Modern Japanese Travel Behaviour, LEAH WATKINS 93

Review Articles

Seeing the Wood for the Trees: Empire, Nation-Making and Forest Management, JAMES BEATTIE 111

Recent Revisions of Ming History, STEPHEN MCDOWALL 121

The Source and the Period Eye: New Perspectives of Japanese Visual Culture, DAVID BELL 132